Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist


An example of one of Rathbone's finished works of typewriter art. Hours were spent typing the numbers, letters and symbols that build up to create this 'visual description' of her subject.

Rathbone adapts her live typewriter art performance to bring an unexpected and thought-provoking element to each event. 'The Walls Have Ears (and Eyes. and Hands)' was an eery installation reflecting paranoias and reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's monologue 'Not I'. As part of the Mindful exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnel in 2011 - she must have heard or seen too much because someone stole the original. Photograph by Doug Nichol.

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Keira favours typing her subjects directly from life, to capture the essence of the scene and the life flowing through it. Typing 'Barnes Bridge "Replica"', photographs by Una Channing 2013 and Antonia Kavas 2012.

A new alphabet means new tools for Rathbone. A kind Croatian man, Elvir gifted Rathbone his own pristine orange typewriter which she and some friends collected by car in July 2012 before heading to a festival further south. She typed all of her experiences using the alphabet of that country. This is a still from a timelapse by Nick Johnson on the last day of the trip, when Rathbone decided to type the Esztergom Basilica.

Occuring on fine days throughout the summer and beyond, Keira Rathbone's typewriter art and gifts are available to buy directly from the studio stall, Sundays 10am-2pm, Chiswick, London.
Typing Live Band

Rathbone's work is greatly inspired by Live Music. Typing bands live is the ultimate cross-over for her. She types stage-side to capture the action, creating an absract expressionistic work that documents a whole live set. Photograph by Marc Sethi, 2012.
Sonic Typewriter

Another example of how Rathbone evolves her live typewriter art to suit the event, the Sonic Typewriter - hooked upto distort and amplify the sounds of her 'Olympia DeLuxe' while Rathbone types out an eye at her last exhibition 'Typing My Heart Out', Feb 2013. Photograph by Henry Huang.